Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blog ladies I need your HELP!!!

Hello to my sweet blog friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday! So I was doing some looking at the calendar, and I realized Scott's birthday is only 16 days away. I know this may seem like a lot of time, but I have 2 graduations coming up, including one on his birthday, so I really would like to get his birthday gifts ready. So here is where you sweet ladies come in. I need ideas for a creative, fun birthday gift for my sweetheart. He is a huge Texas Longhorns fan (boo) and a Dallas Cowboys fan (YAY) but I feel like I have maxed out buying t-shirts, hats, shorts, and everything in between of this type of stuff. Other than that any ideas would greatly appreciated! I hope to hear from a lot of you! I hope you all are having a great Thursday! Thank you so much for the help... :)

Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated :)


  1. Does he like movies? Because my husband does (like obsessively) so if he does I have lots of great ideas :) If he doesn't I'll still be thinking of other ones me and let me know!!

  2. I like to do "themed" gifts. For instance, if he likes beer, get him a 6 pack of a good microbrew (or his favorite beer, whatever it is), a set of beer glasses (you can get them cheap at Walmart or Target), a novel beer opener (perhaps one from his fave team?), and a book about beer or some other "beer" related stuff (like a hat, shirt, whatev). Oh...and put all this stuff in a cool basket or some kind of fun container!

    Also, I've done "movie night" buy him a movie or two -- maybe something recent, or maybe an old favorite he doesn't have. Then, you can put in things like popcorn, candie, soda, maybe some lounge pants or pajamas. You could make him a tie-fleece throw blanket or something to put in there too. Just whatever comes to mind when you think "movie night."

    If I think of any more "theme" ideas, I'll let you know. It's kind of fun to think of stuff that goes together. And then putting it all together in a neat way is fun too!

  3. Do you guys have a brewery near by? A tour and tastings is fun. Movies? Sunglasses? Watch?

  4. He loves movies, but the only problem is he buys most of them right away. I do like the themed idea. Alison I wish we had a brewery near by, but no such luck :( maybe the sunglasses!

    Thank you ladies so much! You are seriously helping more then you know! You are sweethearts!

  5. I have written Jonathan acrostic birthday poems with his name...picture books through Shutterfly with all the thngs I love about shoes, golf club, movie themed gift basket (DVDs, movie gift certificates, is fave movie candy, etc. in one of those plastic popcorn bins), tickets to a fun event/place, a trip to VEGAS!, engraved pocket knife, new wallet...just depends on your budget and his interests. Also, I really try to think about things he's mentioned or talked about through the year but would never buy for himself- like a nice sport coat (suit jacket, whatever), fancy dinner, etc. GOOD LUCK!