Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Busy Week! 

I started school this week!!! So that is why I haven't been blogging too much right now. I will try I promise! But I have exciting news I am now a student trainer for the sports at BHSU! I decided to get my second degree in Athletic Training, so this does take up more time in my day also but I am really excited! 

So I'm loving that I finally found what I am passionate about and got enrolled in the program! 

I'm loving that I got the apartment done! 4 days of cleaning! YUCK!

I'm loving that I had a great time with my "P street" girls! 

I'm loving that I got feathers in my hair! (You can see them the best in this pic)

I'm loving this song by Adele!

I'm loving as always my sweet followers! 

I'm loving that one of my sweet followers is having her first giveaway! Check it out! She is amazing.

I'm loving as always my family and my sweet love Scott! 

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

P street girl reunite!

when I went to college for my first degree, I lived on Pine Street. There was 4 to 5 girls that we all lived there for 2-3 years. 

We became known as the P Street girls/crew. 

We had lots of fun, and 2 of the girls are my best friends. 

They are coming today to visit me! 

I love these girls to death! 
We have been through a lot and I can't wait for some updated pictures to share with you! 

Happy Friday! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

Hey to all my beautiful bloggers! 

I am back! Got internet and tv this morning! Finally! I was starting to go into denial not being able to talk with you sweet followers! 

I will post pictures of the apartment tonight! :) Glad to be back! Can't wait to read all of your blogs! 


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sadly going to be M.I.A......AGAIN :(

hello to all my sweet followers! 

Sadly I will be M.I.A. tell next Thursday! I am moving tomorrow (YAY) but the soonest I could get an appt to hook up the tv and internet is next Thursday! I am not very happy about this, but I hope to hear from you all when I get back!! Expect lots of comments! 

Happy Week!!! 

Much love! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WILW, Random Facts, CD HELP

Linking up with Jamie for WILW
PS I have a lot I am loving...bare with me!

I'm loving that this last weekend Scott and I got to see our friends Ramiro and Katerina! We hadn't seen them since their wedding last year!

I'm loving that I also got to see my good friend Loni again!

I'm loving that celebrating my Grandma's birthday (the first without her here) went well. It was tough but it went better then I expected. 

Scott with me and my sisters! Lucky boy he is!

Scott and I with pop-e. 

I'm loving my grandma's garden is still amazing! 

I'm loving that packing is going well and that my mom bought me some new goodies!!! 

T-minus 2 days and I move!

Now I promised one of my favorite's that I would tell you some random facts about me:

1. I always check to make sure my doors are shut on my truck when I walk away. weird. I know

2. I am very self conscious that I am behind in my life. Especially now that I am adding to my degree....

3. I love ice  cream. I mean love it. I almost feel wrong if I don't have it once a day. 

4. If the shower curtain is left pulled back I freak. It has to be closed. 

5. I am obsessed with my new iphone. 

6. I want to travel so bad. Top of my list Australia, British Columbia, and Ireland. 

7. Lastly, on Scott and I's first date I made him an hour late for work because he didn't tell me he had to be back, and I was nervous so I ate super slow. 

One last thing, please if you leave a comment which I LOVE, tell me your favorite song right now, I have a couple songs, but need a lot more to make a cd! I would appreciate it! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SHOW US YOUR TEAM! and Happy Tuesday!

So I saw this cute blog over at Katie's blog. 
You should participate in this one!!! 

So as you probably know from me being so proud of being a Wyoming girl, my team obviously is the Wyoming Cowboys.  

The Wyoming Cowboys home is Laramie Wyoming. 
I was born here, raised a good portion of my life there, and still consider it my hometown. 

My dad was a trainer there through college so the University was my playground. 

That's me when I was about 18 mo. rocking a Wyoming hoodie! 
I still have this hoodie too! 

That is our mascot Pistol Pete crowd surfing!

Here is a video of the intro. Its not a very good video as I was excited! 

Two of my cousins, and I have the Wyoming bucking horse tattoo.

my cousin Colton

This is mine, its on my ribs. 

This is the beer song! One of our biggest traditions! Way fun!

Even the twins are Wyoming fans!!!! 

Wyoming may not be the greatest football team, but we sure do have great team spirit and love our team!

Anyways I am off to pack! 

Don't forget leave me a comment with your favorite song for my blogging cd to listen to when I am moving!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Opinions! CD help!

Hey to my sweet followers! 

First off the weekend went well with Grandma's birthday celebration. It was kind of a hard day since she is not with us, but I think it went well.

Second of all I am buying a bathroom rug for Scott and I's apartment today. I have a white shower here is the question bright orange rug or sea foam blue rug? 

Help me please!!!!!

Lastly I need your ladies help! 

I am making a cd with your favorite songs as of right now! So please leave me a comment with your favorite song right now and I will be making a cd for my move!!! I would appreciate all of your opinions!!!