Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SHOW US YOUR TEAM! and Happy Tuesday!

So I saw this cute blog over at Katie's blog. 
You should participate in this one!!! 

So as you probably know from me being so proud of being a Wyoming girl, my team obviously is the Wyoming Cowboys.  

The Wyoming Cowboys home is Laramie Wyoming. 
I was born here, raised a good portion of my life there, and still consider it my hometown. 

My dad was a trainer there through college so the University was my playground. 

That's me when I was about 18 mo. rocking a Wyoming hoodie! 
I still have this hoodie too! 

That is our mascot Pistol Pete crowd surfing!

Here is a video of the intro. Its not a very good video as I was excited! 

Two of my cousins, and I have the Wyoming bucking horse tattoo.

my cousin Colton

This is mine, its on my ribs. 

This is the beer song! One of our biggest traditions! Way fun!

Even the twins are Wyoming fans!!!! 

Wyoming may not be the greatest football team, but we sure do have great team spirit and love our team!

Anyways I am off to pack! 

Don't forget leave me a comment with your favorite song for my blogging cd to listen to when I am moving!!!

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  1. I love that you played along and showed your team :) thanks! I just love seeing everyone decked out in their team spirit.