Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Over the hump...

So Wednesday is here aka Hump day. 
Thank GOD! 
I feel like I have already started finals week, so I am happy that I am halfway through the week! 
I am trying to stay super positive!

So I am linking up with Jamie

Love sleep. 
Right now Milli is still waking up, so any sleep I get. 

Love the book I just started. 

Love this picture of the pop-e and I :) 

Love pinterest. I may be obsessed.

Love that I only have a couple weeks and I get to see my family for a month! 

Love the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night.
Talk about motivation to get back into shape. 
Especially finding out 3 of them are new mommies! 

Love my little family. 

Happy Wednesday! 
Hope you all had a great day! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Milli here...

Hi everyone! 
My name is Milli.
I enjoy:
-Chewing on everything. 
(especially hands, shoes, and my dad's back scratcher)
-treats (chicken rawhide)
(when I'm not supposed to)

I am kinda lost lately since my mom is busy getting ready for finals and so is my dad. I also wish I was around all the people I was around at Thanksgiving. 

I dislike:
-kennel time
-being alone :(
-walking with a leash
-my hat and scarf

Happy Tuesday! Bark Bark! 
love milli.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up (pics-lots of them)

Well I have been gone for exactly a week.
Sorry to all my sweet followers, but I got caught up with seeing my family over my break, so blogging took a backseat. 
So now I have tons of pictures to share with you!

Milli is doing better, she now only wakes up maybe twice a night. 
(This helps me a lot) 

Scott surprised her with a hat and scarf. 
I thought it was adorable.
Milli didn't agree.

Aunt Morgan ended up having the same hat! 

(once again-she was not amused)

Aunt Morgan also got a tattoo over break!

Milli was absolutely spoiled over break.
My family loved her.
And she loves my pop-e just as much as I do!

Sleeping with her Aunt Dylainee 

Playing with Grandma

She loved this!

I had a great time with my sweet sisters and cousins (who consider sisters)
We went and saw Breaking Dawn again. 

And just great family time!

And when I got home last night, I set up the tree while Milli played with her dad.

Well I know this was mainly a picture post, but I wanted to share!
I hope you all had a wonderful week! and a great monday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New member of the family...

Well as of Friday at 6:00 pm Scott and I got a new member of the family.
Her name is Milli. 

She is 9 weeks old.
She is pretty dang smart already!

We are having a lot of trouble dealing with the kennel though, and this new mommy (aka me) doesn't know what to do. She barks and whines uncontrollably and I am just at a wits end on how to help....Her dad (Scott) isn't happy about this-so then sooner we help her the better! 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am pretty excited as we will leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving break. 

Happy Monday! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Catch up!

This is how I feel this week!

I have been trying to get homework done early, change some tests/labs so that I can go home early for Thanksgiving.

Also it was my dad (stepdad)'s birthday on Tuesday, and my sister Morgan's 19th birthday yesterday!

love them!!!

Have I mentioned that I have a pinterest problem.
haha-meaning I am always on it!

I think I'm up to 460 pins :/

Lastly, I can't get enough of these two songs:

Anyways, I am sorry that I have been missing lately, and this probably wasn't the most interesting blog ever, but I have missed you all!
I hope your week is going well!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Staying positive...

So I am really trying to blog every week day, but
do you ever have those days where you feel down, and
nothing can go your way?

I know I probably sound like a baby.
But today is just one of those days!

I hope you all had great Monday's!
I enjoyed the quote above, and thought it was good for me!

Love to all!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day.

Today is Veteran's Day.
I want to say thank you to all who serve/served for our country! 
Because of you we are able to enjoy small and big freedoms. 
I also want to thank those who serve/served that I know personally. 

My sweet pop-e bear.
He was in WWII, and was shot at by a sniper.
The bullet went through his jacket right next to his body.
Luckily it didn't hit him. 
I wouldn't know what to do with out my pop-e bear.

My sweet step-dad...aka dad or papa p.
Love you. 

And my sweet sweet best friend Casey Jane. 
She is currently in the Army, and may be deployed in April.
Love her so much!

Thank you all!
God Bless you!

Also today is a big day 11/11/11
So make a big wish!

I had to take a pic of 11:11 on 11/11/11 on my iPhone! 

Happy Friday!