Monday, January 28, 2013

Fly by weekend

Happy Monday! Only 3 sleeps until Vegas!! I seriously feel like a little kid I am so excited to go and have a vacation with Muir and his family! After a week of not feeling good at all, I am slowly starting to feel like myself again!

I have great news! Pop-e got through surgery great! The doctor said he wishes he could operate on people like my grandpa because he is in such good shape for 87! 
He is still in the hospital for recovery, but I finally was allowed to talk to him today! Made my whole day to talk to him! It's been hard since I normally talk to him at least twice a day! 

So to this weekend! I first got a great surprise from one of my good friends Alison! She sent me a Christmas gift! I am so blessed to have her in my life! I hope someday to meet in person, because she def knows a lot about me! We text/email! I love it! 
She made a beautiful scarf, got me a necklace, treats for milli, a ring, and a Christmas card! 

Friday after school I was so exhausted that I decided to head home Saturday morning. I decided to try to make a fancy dinner for myself. I tried cooking salmon. I love salmon. Let's just say it wasn't the best..... but the rest was delicious!

Saturday I went home to help my family since my mom was gone, and my baby sister had her winter dance. My sister Morgan and I ended up doing her hair along with several other girls. By the end of the night we were exhausted!!!
But Dylainee looked beautiful!!!

It was great to see family!!!!

(from the previous weekend)

Sunday: I just helped clean house, and do laundry so my mom could come home to a clean house. I got to see her only for a little bit, and then drove back. I only have 3 sleeps and I get to be in Las Vegas! I can't wait! The school I teach at is doing something called a winter homecoming which I have never heard of, so this week is already crazy with different schedules and what not! VACATION please!

I hope you all had a great Monday! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Praying for Pop-e

Today my pop-e who is 87 years old is having open heart surgery, to fix 
his pulmonary artery. I am so nervous, and scared that it's driving me crazy.

My pop-e has been basically my father.
So I am asking to please pray for him, and that he goes through the surgery well, and a nice recovery. 

Can you tell I love him???
Prayers for you pop-e 
love you.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1 Week

Well good morning!

I am hoping to make it through my first day back....I am still congested, but I can't afford to take any more sick days!!! ugh. 

I best start feeling better because is exactly one week from today, I will be on a plane to Las Vegas!!!
I can't wait. I need a break after being sick!!

Just the thought of it makes me smile!!!

Pictures from the last few times to Vegas: 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flu + Sinus Infection = Kae down.

Hello to all my sweet blogging friends! 

Just wanted to say I am alive...barely...

I am home for the third day in a row. I have the flu and a sinus infection, and to say the least it is owning me.

I hope to be back to my normal self ASAP. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday. (RANDOM)

I first have to say that I am loving that my vacation is only 16 days away.

Today I started working out for the first time this year. I decided I shouldn't be a fat bride come December, but really I wanted to work out for me...

I am def not in the shape I used to be, so this picture made me feel a lot better!

so I am pretty excited, the high school girl in me peaked out yesterday. JT released his new single. I am not head over heels for the song, but I am just so excited he is back!

and lastly I leave you with this quote that I love. 
(told you totally random and pointless post) 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Thank you snow...

Why hello there Friday. 
I am very happy you are here. 

But I have a bone to pick with the weather.

A very sad tragedy happened in the town I graduated high school from. 
Some kids who are my sister Morgan's age (and her friends) were drinking and driving, and 2 of them passed away, and the other 4 are pretty badly injured, specifically one boy. 

So as ironic and as sad as it makes you want to be with the people you love. So I planned to go home after school... 
Thank you for deciding to start blizzarding an hour before I was supposed to leave. 
Plans have been put on hold, so I am going to try in the morning..

I have wedding plans to do with my sisters! 

I hope you all are safe this weekend and stay warm! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Wednesday. I always enjoy when you come. Half way through the week!
If you haven't checked out my blog from Monday, you should! Adorable video of Milli!!!

For the week, I am loving.....

loving that I now can call Mr. Muir my fiance... sorry I know that is corny, but I am still getting used to it!!!!

loving some more wedding ideas from pinterest!

loving that my step sister had her second baby yesterday (Tuesday) Emery Hope is her name!! Pictures to come!!!

loving that I get to see my baby sister play basketball this weekend!!! (and the whole family)

loving as you all know.. Miss Marilyn Monroe!

loving my boyfriend Tom Hardy...

And lastly I'm loving this quote. Mainly because I get sick of my student's quoting "Drake" and I feel like this is more true than just "YOLO" 

I hope you all have a great day!!! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, Monday

89 days left of school....yes I may be counting! haha! don't judge me!
I do love things about my job, but I am ready for a new chapter to start! 
And being away from family, friends, and the fiance is getting hard.

Anyways, after school Friday, Milli and I took the 3 hour journey north to see Mr. Muir.
I am so excited for him, as he starts student teaching this week and FINALLY graduates in May. 
It was a pretty laid back weekend. Friday on my drive up Scott asked if we wanted to go to our favorite watering hole, and of course I was up for it. Well once I got there, I felt awful. I fell asleep on the couch!!!
He asked if I wanted to go bowling with his buddies, but I told him no...I kept sleeping tell he got home at 11. For some reason I got a crazy weird surge of energy, so Muir and I started doing some wedding planning, and stayed up tell 2 am. I love these moments when it's just him and I talking with Milli running around. 

So we did decided we want a more vintage look for our wedding, and this picture is my inspiration.
(not the dress though-poofy is not for me)

I am getting excited, and please feel free to comment and email any great wedding ideas you have! 

While lounging around on Saturday after a night of talking, I found some cute photos from break that I forgot to post, and I found this old video of Milli when she was a pup! I have to share!

My favorite boys and I at Christmas 

My good friend Alana and I NYE

About a month ago, but love this picture! 

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with friends in Deadwood and gambled, no winnings this time..sad day.

Sunday, both Muir and I were sad. I didn't want to go so I stayed as long as possible. In efforts to cheer me up, he took me to the new frozen yogurt place in Spearfish! Yum!

It was a great weekend, and M and I are always sad to leave Muir. 
But good only 24 days we leave for Las Vegas! Whoop!!!

I hope you all had a great Monday! 
I leave you with words from my boyfriend, Tom Hardy, haha!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December 28

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday break! 
I have so very exciting news to share with my blogging friends...

On December 28, Scott asked me to marry him! 
I am still in absolute shock. 

It's a beautiful ring, and has a sapphire underneath the diamond on top!

Enter story: For Christmas he came to my families Christmas tell Christmas Eve.
He told me my presents would have to wait tell I went to his families, but that I could have my stocking.

In my stocking was: Tangled (DVD), candy, and a homemade DVD.
The homemade DVD was all pictures of us, and had our songs playing.
At the end it told me: Merry Christmas, Love you.

Well I went up after Christmas to spend time with him, and his family.
Well I got their later Thursday night. 
The next day, I had to take my cousin to basketball practice, and I ended up staying because I coached with the head coach, and she wanted to me help. 
After that I took care of my cousin, took presents over to the twins, and then got a vet appointment for Milli.

So Scott met me with Milli at the vet, he was not very nice all day, so I wasn't very happy with him. 
After the appointment I asked him if we could go see the twins, he told me no that he wanted to take me to dinner. I got in my car, and was crushed. I called my mom crying saying Scott was being a jerk, and on and on. (MY WHOLE FAMILY KNEW BY THE WAY) So my mom told me to calm down that he just wanted to spend time with me. So I got home and started cleaning up. Scott was being sweet, but I wasn't having it. I was still being stubborn and mad. He asked me to watch the DVD he made with him. I told him no that I had seen it, and he begged, and I finally got it out of my bag, and put it in. 
Well at the end of the credits, it said " I can't and won't live without you", "Kaeleigh?", "Will you marry me?"

I was in SHOCK. I mean SHOCK. First I blurted out, "How did you switch the DVD?"
And he was down on one knee with the ring, and then I said "SERIOUSLY?" 
The look on his face was priceless, and then I realized I hadn't said anything really, so I was like "OF COURSE YES!"

He then took me out to dinner, where the twins, my cousins, and my uncle were waiting. 
My whole family knew. Scott had asked my pop-e, and parents permission also. 

It was an amazing night. We celebrated, and I feel so blessed!!!!!! 

So the cat is out of the bag...In December of this year I will become Mrs. Muir!!!!