Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, Monday

89 days left of school....yes I may be counting! haha! don't judge me!
I do love things about my job, but I am ready for a new chapter to start! 
And being away from family, friends, and the fiance is getting hard.

Anyways, after school Friday, Milli and I took the 3 hour journey north to see Mr. Muir.
I am so excited for him, as he starts student teaching this week and FINALLY graduates in May. 
It was a pretty laid back weekend. Friday on my drive up Scott asked if we wanted to go to our favorite watering hole, and of course I was up for it. Well once I got there, I felt awful. I fell asleep on the couch!!!
He asked if I wanted to go bowling with his buddies, but I told him no...I kept sleeping tell he got home at 11. For some reason I got a crazy weird surge of energy, so Muir and I started doing some wedding planning, and stayed up tell 2 am. I love these moments when it's just him and I talking with Milli running around. 

So we did decided we want a more vintage look for our wedding, and this picture is my inspiration.
(not the dress though-poofy is not for me)

I am getting excited, and please feel free to comment and email any great wedding ideas you have! 

While lounging around on Saturday after a night of talking, I found some cute photos from break that I forgot to post, and I found this old video of Milli when she was a pup! I have to share!

My favorite boys and I at Christmas 

My good friend Alana and I NYE

About a month ago, but love this picture! 

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with friends in Deadwood and gambled, no winnings this time..sad day.

Sunday, both Muir and I were sad. I didn't want to go so I stayed as long as possible. In efforts to cheer me up, he took me to the new frozen yogurt place in Spearfish! Yum!

It was a great weekend, and M and I are always sad to leave Muir. 
But good only 24 days we leave for Las Vegas! Whoop!!!

I hope you all had a great Monday! 
I leave you with words from my boyfriend, Tom Hardy, haha!

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