Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I didn't forget you!

Ah. I didn't forget you, sometimes life happens and overwhelms me and I don't get a chance to blog like normal, and last week was one of those weeks!

I developed a nasty cold, and my assistants were both gone, and I had to be there since there were no subs. The next two days I had parent-teacher conferences. I had screenings on Friday, which by then I was beat. haha. Oh well! I'm back! I still am shaking this cold, and we are fighting big time. 

My weekend was low key, watching high school basketball, playing with Milli, attempting to sleep in..key word is attempting. 
During my low key weekend I had a ah-ha moment. 

Do you ever feel like things aren't what they were supposed to be, it could be a job, relationship, day, or just a moment. Well I have decided to get to know me again. My free-spirit, independent girl that loved to laugh and run around barefoot. I found these quotes that speak to me, and are what I want. 

and I found iced animal crackers today. I love them and always have a hard time finding them
pure love. 

Happy Tuesday. xxoo 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

weekend and a little fitness

Hello there! 

BRRR it is absolutely freezing here. It's -14 F here, and I am over it. I hate bitter cold. I would rather it just be warmer and snow then bitter cold. and I think I am getting sick, which makes me more angry. Okay there was my little vent! 

Friday: I painted. and painted some more. That was my Friday.

Saturday: I woke up and continued to paint, and then went and watched my sweet cousin play basketball. Towards the end of her jv game she went for the ball and another girl hit her mid air. She came down and smacked her temple on the ground... I knew it was bad immediately. She started throwing up. So I knew it was a bad concussion. She did have to go to the hospital, and it was a severe concussion. She is doing better, but still freaked me out. Even when I was an athletic trainer I never saw a concussion where they got sick right away! So glad she doing okay! 

Sunday: I finished up getting the house clean since Scott invited people over for Super Bowl. I made treats and got ready. It was a nice get together...other then the Broncos really didn't show up at all. And the commercials were so-so except for one...which I cried. Yes. Cried. 

We had some of friend's bring there son over. He sat with me pretty much the whole game! So adorable! 

Commercial I cried at: 

I do have to say the half time show was pretty good as well! 

Scott's parents got back from Las Vegas last night so we went and saw them. I have sure missed his momma! Since I haven't been feeling good I was in bed super early!

Today: Well I woke up feeling awful, but wanted to tough it out because we have parent-teacher conferences for the next 2 days so we don't have students. It was nice relaxed day since I wasn't feeling so hot, and my teacher assistant was home sick. 

I felt guilty not working out so I pinterested some workouts and made up this one to songs:

jumping jacks x30
russian twists x50 (with a 10 lb. kettle ball)
squats x10
crunches x20
squat jumps x10
superman 30 sec
jumping jacks x30
burpees x5

jumping jacks x30
russian twists x50 (10 lb kettle ball)
squats x10
crunchy frogs x20
lunges x10
superman 30 sec
jumping jacks x10

jumping jacks x30
leg lifts x10
squats x10
leg lifts x15
squat jumps x10
1:00 plank 

same as first one but faster since it's a shorter song

I did this back to back so they do get your heart rate going and work several different muscles! 

Hopefully I sweat out some sickness! 

Happy Tuesday! Stay warm 

Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday! Oh boy I am glad to see you! We had progress/assessments due this week so I stayed late, and then worked out. I also had bus duty in the mornings! Thank you for being here Friday! 

1. Well in honor of the Super Bowl being this weekend...I am having to post a wonderful picture of Eric Decker. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, but he is sure starting to win me over to the Broncos side. And since we only live 3.5 hours from Denver we are cheering for them! 

2. I am so excited for Maleficent movie. Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite Disney movie since I was little! And Lana Del Ray is singing "Once Upon Dream" and Lana is one of my favorite singers....

3. I am really excited to slowly start seeing some small changes from working out.... 

I just finished 4 weeks...

4. I follow on facebook "Fitness Girls" and there is pictures and videos. I highly recommend Keith Thompson spinning video on there. I tried to get it on her, but was unable to. I found this picture and it is my inspiration if I am ever a mom.

5. I am painting this weekend (dining room). Any recommendations for painting a wood table??

Happy Friday/Weekend bloggers!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend rewind

Happy Monday! 

I hope you all are staying warm and had a fabulous weekend! 

My weekend was extremely laid back for the most part. 

Friday: work was short, but quite busy!! I worked out immediately after work so I would still be motivated, and I was really happy, I ran for 24 minutes on the treadmill, which may not seem like a lot but I was pretty happy. I completed 2.5 miles, which I want to definitely increase, but running on a treadmill has always been difficult for me! After that I came home, and Scott and I both fell asleep! We ended up grabbing Subway and just relaxing the rest of the night.

Saturday: Scott and I both slept in. I woke up and made us breakfast. I then had a 2 hour phone date with one my best friends Hope. She is prego and having her baby boy in April. (i swear everyone is pregnant around me) It was so good to catch up, I always enjoy our phone dates! 

After that I realized I was super behind in getting ready. Scott was reffing a freshman bball game, and him reffing was something I just had to see haha! 

It was fun watching him! haha! After we stayed and watched jv and varsity. All three teams won! 

After the game we went out for a few drinks. I did enjoy a Moscow mule! oh haven't had one forever. so good! 

It was a nice night out. 

Sunday: Slept in a little too late. Then I really wanted to go to Casper for some house stuff. We ended up going, but didn't get much done due to the weather and Scott saying it was time to go. Then my wonderful husband made ME drive in the dark blizzard. I was not happy but I guess it's always experience.
Ps I did buy some more workout clothes so that made up for it

Monday: It wasn't a bad day. It went by quickly at work so that always makes me happy. I then worked out, I did 6.6 miles on the elliptical for 40 minutes, weights, and abs! I am a little bit tired tonight! It was a good day, and I have to show you the "storms" my kiddos made today! They are supposed to look like a rain storm! 


Hope you have a good rest of the night!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Struggle ON!

Hello friends.

I really hope that you are having a great day, and I am hoping that you enjoy my blog as well. I am feeling like I don't have a lot of people who enjoy it, so if you have any suggestions let me know. : ) 

As for my workouts...I took Monday off since I had day off. Then I felt guilty and made up for it last night. I did 6.5 miles on the elliptical, abs, and arms. I was sure tired today. I then told myself no more days off like that and made up again with insanity. whoa. TIRED girl here. 

I found this while looking for more motivation...

So I am going to keep going...and hope that the results come. I also took my measurements too...(not happy with those) but I gotta start somewhere!

I hope you enjoy my blog, because I enjoy it, but I would love to have everyone enjoy! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Monday!

Hello Happy MLK DAY and a day off for me! 

I am loving this long weekend, even though I didn't get barely anything I wanted accomplished! 

Friday: I got off an hour early from work, so I was excited and got to go workout early. I got 5.5 miles done on the elliptical, abs, and weights. The low point of my workout was seeing a guy doing squats and his leopard underwear were showing...haha...I had a hard time holding myself together...next low point hearing a guy try to pep talk himself to do his reps. (then he didn't even finish them) but I was so happy to get my workout done early! Scott and I ended up and watching the boys basketball game, which we won so that was nice. The rest of the night was relaxing.

Saturday: I went to a special Saturday spinning class they had. I wore my new shirt I got for Christmas, loved it. Kept me motivated. 

After my workout I got a nice surprise that my pop-e was coming for the rest of the weekend. Scott left for Denver to go watch the playoff game so it was nice to have company. I finally got to watch my cousin Carson play and she even got in the varsity game! 

I ended up staying the night with my family since Scott was out of town. So nice to hang out with them.

Sunday: LAZY. that was my word yesterday. I did nothing but watch football and sleep. The twins stopped by and that was nice. Milli got to play with my aunt's boxers. I think she wore them both out! 

Last night I finally told myself I needed to do at least one thing productive, so I gave Milli a shower. Thank goodness because she smells much better haha! 

Today: I went to breakfast with my pop-e, aunt, and cousin. We then went shopping (if you can call it that) at a little store we have. They came over and helped try to pick out some paint colors for some more rooms in the house... and now I need to go to the grocery store to get some food since we seem to have nothing. 
I am honestly just enjoying having the day off!!! 

I hope you have had a wonderful day and weekend! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Feel good

HELLLLOOOO... so as I was typing my post last evening my computer decided to freeze and shut down. It was so aggravating due to the fact that I love my computer and it was the last thing my grandma and pop-e got me before my grandma passed away, and the thought of possibly having to get a new one breaks my heart. So I am going to continue my post from last night!

(I have spinning class in an hour and I thought this was appropriate and funny)

Today I a thinking of feel good things... Once I got home from work I came to find a surprise... 
My mother being the a best mother ordered me a subscription to Self magazine. She said she knew how hard I am working and trying to get back into shape..and she thought it would help me stay motivated. My mom isn't amazing because she ordered me it, but because she is just amazing. She is so encouraging and works so hard herself. I am so beyond blessed to be able to have her as my mommy!  

I just saw this quote the other day, and I thought it was so great, because I have a horrible habit of obsessing and getting upset over past events... 

I also am super excited, it has been a difficult week at work, and I am so happy that tomorrow is just a work day, and I am done by 1.  yaya! well with that note it is time for me to get ready to go work out.

xxoo happy day!