Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend rewind

Happy Monday! 

I hope you all are staying warm and had a fabulous weekend! 

My weekend was extremely laid back for the most part. 

Friday: work was short, but quite busy!! I worked out immediately after work so I would still be motivated, and I was really happy, I ran for 24 minutes on the treadmill, which may not seem like a lot but I was pretty happy. I completed 2.5 miles, which I want to definitely increase, but running on a treadmill has always been difficult for me! After that I came home, and Scott and I both fell asleep! We ended up grabbing Subway and just relaxing the rest of the night.

Saturday: Scott and I both slept in. I woke up and made us breakfast. I then had a 2 hour phone date with one my best friends Hope. She is prego and having her baby boy in April. (i swear everyone is pregnant around me) It was so good to catch up, I always enjoy our phone dates! 

After that I realized I was super behind in getting ready. Scott was reffing a freshman bball game, and him reffing was something I just had to see haha! 

It was fun watching him! haha! After we stayed and watched jv and varsity. All three teams won! 

After the game we went out for a few drinks. I did enjoy a Moscow mule! oh haven't had one forever. so good! 

It was a nice night out. 

Sunday: Slept in a little too late. Then I really wanted to go to Casper for some house stuff. We ended up going, but didn't get much done due to the weather and Scott saying it was time to go. Then my wonderful husband made ME drive in the dark blizzard. I was not happy but I guess it's always experience.
Ps I did buy some more workout clothes so that made up for it

Monday: It wasn't a bad day. It went by quickly at work so that always makes me happy. I then worked out, I did 6.6 miles on the elliptical for 40 minutes, weights, and abs! I am a little bit tired tonight! It was a good day, and I have to show you the "storms" my kiddos made today! They are supposed to look like a rain storm! 


Hope you have a good rest of the night!

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  1. I hate driving in the snow, or even being a passenger!!! Damn weather!! Sounds like a great weekend otherwise though!!!