Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday! Oh boy I am glad to see you! We had progress/assessments due this week so I stayed late, and then worked out. I also had bus duty in the mornings! Thank you for being here Friday! 

1. Well in honor of the Super Bowl being this weekend...I am having to post a wonderful picture of Eric Decker. I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, but he is sure starting to win me over to the Broncos side. And since we only live 3.5 hours from Denver we are cheering for them! 

2. I am so excited for Maleficent movie. Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite Disney movie since I was little! And Lana Del Ray is singing "Once Upon Dream" and Lana is one of my favorite singers....

3. I am really excited to slowly start seeing some small changes from working out.... 

I just finished 4 weeks...

4. I follow on facebook "Fitness Girls" and there is pictures and videos. I highly recommend Keith Thompson spinning video on there. I tried to get it on her, but was unable to. I found this picture and it is my inspiration if I am ever a mom.

5. I am painting this weekend (dining room). Any recommendations for painting a wood table??

Happy Friday/Weekend bloggers!


  1. Ugh I was doing so good in my workout routine and now I just ate pizza = fail. Gotta get back on the wagon tomorrow, thanks for sharing the fb fitness girls I'll def check them out!

  2. Love the fitness quote, I tend to give up to easily, thanks for the reminder

  3. Just found your blog.. I love seeing small changes after working out.. Makes me feel great :)