Tuesday, February 4, 2014

weekend and a little fitness

Hello there! 

BRRR it is absolutely freezing here. It's -14 F here, and I am over it. I hate bitter cold. I would rather it just be warmer and snow then bitter cold. and I think I am getting sick, which makes me more angry. Okay there was my little vent! 

Friday: I painted. and painted some more. That was my Friday.

Saturday: I woke up and continued to paint, and then went and watched my sweet cousin play basketball. Towards the end of her jv game she went for the ball and another girl hit her mid air. She came down and smacked her temple on the ground... I knew it was bad immediately. She started throwing up. So I knew it was a bad concussion. She did have to go to the hospital, and it was a severe concussion. She is doing better, but still freaked me out. Even when I was an athletic trainer I never saw a concussion where they got sick right away! So glad she doing okay! 

Sunday: I finished up getting the house clean since Scott invited people over for Super Bowl. I made treats and got ready. It was a nice get together...other then the Broncos really didn't show up at all. And the commercials were so-so except for one...which I cried. Yes. Cried. 

We had some of friend's bring there son over. He sat with me pretty much the whole game! So adorable! 

Commercial I cried at: 

I do have to say the half time show was pretty good as well! 

Scott's parents got back from Las Vegas last night so we went and saw them. I have sure missed his momma! Since I haven't been feeling good I was in bed super early!

Today: Well I woke up feeling awful, but wanted to tough it out because we have parent-teacher conferences for the next 2 days so we don't have students. It was nice relaxed day since I wasn't feeling so hot, and my teacher assistant was home sick. 

I felt guilty not working out so I pinterested some workouts and made up this one to songs:

jumping jacks x30
russian twists x50 (with a 10 lb. kettle ball)
squats x10
crunches x20
squat jumps x10
superman 30 sec
jumping jacks x30
burpees x5

jumping jacks x30
russian twists x50 (10 lb kettle ball)
squats x10
crunchy frogs x20
lunges x10
superman 30 sec
jumping jacks x10

jumping jacks x30
leg lifts x10
squats x10
leg lifts x15
squat jumps x10
1:00 plank 

same as first one but faster since it's a shorter song

I did this back to back so they do get your heart rate going and work several different muscles! 

Hopefully I sweat out some sickness! 

Happy Tuesday! Stay warm 

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  1. I'm with you on the cold and I'd like the snow to stop too!! We haven't had this much snow in YEARS, like 25 years.... Sooo over it!! I've also come down with a cold!! Yuck!
    I feel like broncos was a whole new team and not for the better... It was bad! I ended up changing channels because I couldn't stand it any longer!!