Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I didn't forget you!

Ah. I didn't forget you, sometimes life happens and overwhelms me and I don't get a chance to blog like normal, and last week was one of those weeks!

I developed a nasty cold, and my assistants were both gone, and I had to be there since there were no subs. The next two days I had parent-teacher conferences. I had screenings on Friday, which by then I was beat. haha. Oh well! I'm back! I still am shaking this cold, and we are fighting big time. 

My weekend was low key, watching high school basketball, playing with Milli, attempting to sleep in..key word is attempting. 
During my low key weekend I had a ah-ha moment. 

Do you ever feel like things aren't what they were supposed to be, it could be a job, relationship, day, or just a moment. Well I have decided to get to know me again. My free-spirit, independent girl that loved to laugh and run around barefoot. I found these quotes that speak to me, and are what I want. 

and I found iced animal crackers today. I love them and always have a hard time finding them
pure love. 

Happy Tuesday. xxoo 


  1. I'm not getting notified when you post!?? Hate that!! Those animal crackers look amazing!

  2. I'm pretty jealous about the animal crackers! Ours do not come with icing!!! Very disappointing!!
    Love those quotes!!