Monday, September 30, 2013

Mingle and Weekend

Hello everyone! 
I am hoping everyone had a great weekend! 

Friday: a super busy day at work. Even though we didn't have our normal students, we did have toddler group for an hour, and then prepping for the whole week, observation logs, and cleaning. I was burnt out by the time work was finished. 

Scott and I met up after went to the bank and FINALLY combined our bank accounts. Still some getting used to having a new last name and all. Then we had a quick lunch. He had a football game that night, and so he had to be at the stadium early. It was FREEZING FRIDAY. I mean almost zero. So my cousin, her boyfriend, and I dressed in our warm gear and headed to the game. I wish I could say it was worth sitting in the horrible weather, including SNOW which I am not ready for, but we lost bad, and to say the least Mr. Muir was not happy. 

We were a tad bit cold.

Saturday: Well Sunday is actually the twins birthday, but we celebrated on Saturday so that everyone could come. Let me tell you, the boys made out. I can't even begin to tell you how much new stuff they got. They are two pretty cute, spoiled 3 year olds! 

Scott and I got them tractors, hats, and backpacks

These are the hats we got them, the arms move! 

That night I just relaxed and saw my family and Scott saw a friend who came to town. 

Sunday: We had breakfast with the family, and then went to the house. My aunt came over to help, and my sweet 87 year old pop-e even helped! We didn't end moving in all the way, but we still have some more painting to do anyways! 

The rest of the day was spent just getting ready for the week! 

Overall a great weekend! 

The Mingle Question: If you had a random day off, what would I do?
At this moment, I would paint my house, so we could move in sooner : ) 

Join Meg, and mingle! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

We bought a HOUSE!

So as of now, this is my last big change! 
So between all the craziness of moving, finding and new job, and trying to plan a wedding, obviously Scott and I thought we weren't busy enough, so what did we do...BOUGHT A HOUSE.

I am so excited. It has been a long, angering, and at the same time such a happy experience. 
I do think this home will be our forever home. We closed a week and a half ago, and I have been doing some painting in the house before we move in. We are moving in this weekend. Some of my stuff is still back in Nebraska with my mom, so we won't have everything, but I am so excited. 
We have been staying with Scott's parents this whole time since I moved in May tell we found our own place. I have the best in laws a girl could ask for, but it is time for us to have our own place, especially being newly married. 

Our house is AMAZING. I grew up in old houses. My pop-e and grandma's house was built in 1890 and my mom's was early 1900's. Nothing against new houses, I love them, but something about old homes that have neat little nooks and crannies I just love! Well our home was built in 1913, which means is 100 years old this year! It has a custom built stair case! and hard wood floors! The pictures I am sharing are from when the seller's were still in, so it's none of our decor or furniture. I will be doing before and after pictures!!!

So now...finally: 


Happy Thursday! : )

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Job!!!!

So as I'm updating you at all my changes, I first want to tell you Happy Hump Day! 
I don't know if you are as happy as I am but today was one of those days I couldn't wait to get home! Long day, but honestly I am so in LOVE with my new job. Such a change from last year. I didn't get to write a lot about my last job, but it was rough. 17 people resigned along with me if that explains anything.

Well Scott got a job in his hometown teaching History at the high school. He is also coaching football, track, and is the student council sponsor. I was freaking out when he got hired because I knew they weren't hiring any P.E. teachers. I was desperate for a job! Well an opening came available at a developmental preschool. We do also serve kids without developmental aspects, but mainly developmental. The school is a pre-k school. Well they wanted a certified teacher, which I am, but just not endorsed in this area, but I thought what the heck, I am a certified teacher, I'll throw out my application. Well... I got the job! And I love it so much. I teach younger kids in the morning, and more pre-k students in the afternoon. Friday's we are done by 1! Love. I truly think I found right where I need to be in my career. 

I decided to do a Disney theme for my classroom. I love Disney. I took some pictures at the beginning of the year. My walls are filling with pictures, but I want to share!!!!!

I even write everything in Disney Font!

The best thing about my job. MY KIDS. look at these adorable pictures that two girls drew for me! It's supposed to be her and I in both! 

On September 11th I wanted to make sure we did something patriotic so we made an American Flag with their hand prints. love how it turned out.

So this is my update, only one more and I can finally start blogging normally! I hope you are enjoying my new changes! 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Part 2: So I got married : )

So as I explained, I have so many great photos to share, that I had to break up my post into two parts! Today concludes the married post, and shows the rest of our photos, and the rest of the reception! 

We held our reception at the Elks Lodge in Laramie. We decorated for two days before, and were cutting it close because the lights quit working on Thursday night! I was panicking to say the least. Luckily with the help of my family we got it working about an hour before our rehearsal dinner! 

I made the centerpieces, and my mom helped me finish them up! They turned out way better then I thought! 
I was so excited! 

First Dance: Free/Into the Mystic by Zac Brown Band 

Scott and I danced to my grandma and pop-e's song. They were married for 65 years before my grandma passed.... My grandpa was unable to dance since his knees have gotten so bad...Scott and I danced..extremely emotional to say the least...

My dad (real): There goes my life-Kenny Chesney

My dad (step): Cleaning this gun-Rodney Atkins

Mother/Son dance: Perfect Fan-Backstreet Boys 

My angels dancing (they were also the ring bearers but honestly were wild and everywhere! hard to photograph)

We auctioned off our garter instead of a garter toss. My uncle bought it for $400 dollars!

My uncle after he bought it! 

Below is one of my favorite memories. As you know I am obsessed with Mumford and Sons..
Below is Scott and I dancing away to it. I have a short clip of it that I will have to try to get on here.... 

Doing the Wobble

Scott singing me his favorite band...Backstreet Boys... 

Overall it was a fun, beyond memorable night! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday! I am off to rest as my cold is still trying to hang on! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

So.. I got married : )

So as stated in my post from yesterday that there have been so many changes in my life, that I am going to have to break them down, so today's post is about getting married, and tomorrow's will be too, because I just have too many cool photos to share with you! 

I married Mr. Muir on August 10th, in the mountains of Wyoming. It was a dream location, and a whirlwind day! We were surrounded by tons of family and friends and it was absolute perfection. 

location of our ceremony! 

I got ready with my ladies at my grandparents house in Laramie, Scott and his guys got ready at the hotel. They picked us up in a party bus, which was so great to have since we had a HUGE wedding party and we could all ride together! 

I made all the flowers and decorations for our big day. We went with a vintage theme, highlighting the 1920's-40's. I ordered a custom garter with Wyoming colors, and went to a local store, found earrings with the Wyoming Steamboat horse on it, and sewed them on. The girls wore Tom's and the boys wore Converse. I let my ladies pick their own dresses as long as they were mint green and shorter. Scott and I both decided we didn't like the tuxes so we went again with the vintage look, and he loves bowties so we were able to find mint plaid (plaid is his fav) for them! 

First look: 

(I was shaking so bad)

Playing Mumford and Sons of course! 

Pre-Ceremony pictures:

(one of my favorites)

Scott's favorite

My amazing ladies

My mom, dad, and sisters

My dad and stepmom, and sister

My pop-e. <3 enough said. 

Scott's family 

My sweet sisters and cousins who I consider my siblings.

Mr. and Mrs. Muir

Here are some after the wedding, more to come tomorrow: 

haha love.

our wedding party rocks! 

my handsome husband.

I can't wait to share more with you!!! 
hope everyone had a great Monday, I was home with a cold (boo)

Also a shout out to Alison! Happy Birthday to you sweet girl! much love!