Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Job!!!!

So as I'm updating you at all my changes, I first want to tell you Happy Hump Day! 
I don't know if you are as happy as I am but today was one of those days I couldn't wait to get home! Long day, but honestly I am so in LOVE with my new job. Such a change from last year. I didn't get to write a lot about my last job, but it was rough. 17 people resigned along with me if that explains anything.

Well Scott got a job in his hometown teaching History at the high school. He is also coaching football, track, and is the student council sponsor. I was freaking out when he got hired because I knew they weren't hiring any P.E. teachers. I was desperate for a job! Well an opening came available at a developmental preschool. We do also serve kids without developmental aspects, but mainly developmental. The school is a pre-k school. Well they wanted a certified teacher, which I am, but just not endorsed in this area, but I thought what the heck, I am a certified teacher, I'll throw out my application. Well... I got the job! And I love it so much. I teach younger kids in the morning, and more pre-k students in the afternoon. Friday's we are done by 1! Love. I truly think I found right where I need to be in my career. 

I decided to do a Disney theme for my classroom. I love Disney. I took some pictures at the beginning of the year. My walls are filling with pictures, but I want to share!!!!!

I even write everything in Disney Font!

The best thing about my job. MY KIDS. look at these adorable pictures that two girls drew for me! It's supposed to be her and I in both! 

On September 11th I wanted to make sure we did something patriotic so we made an American Flag with their hand prints. love how it turned out.

So this is my update, only one more and I can finally start blogging normally! I hope you are enjoying my new changes! 



  1. So fun!! you will be great at this job! Such cute art!! I love little kids drawings!!

  2. I've missed out in soo much!! Congrats on the new job as well!! Love the kids art work!