Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Part 2: So I got married : )

So as I explained, I have so many great photos to share, that I had to break up my post into two parts! Today concludes the married post, and shows the rest of our photos, and the rest of the reception! 

We held our reception at the Elks Lodge in Laramie. We decorated for two days before, and were cutting it close because the lights quit working on Thursday night! I was panicking to say the least. Luckily with the help of my family we got it working about an hour before our rehearsal dinner! 

I made the centerpieces, and my mom helped me finish them up! They turned out way better then I thought! 
I was so excited! 

First Dance: Free/Into the Mystic by Zac Brown Band 

Scott and I danced to my grandma and pop-e's song. They were married for 65 years before my grandma passed.... My grandpa was unable to dance since his knees have gotten so bad...Scott and I danced..extremely emotional to say the least...

My dad (real): There goes my life-Kenny Chesney

My dad (step): Cleaning this gun-Rodney Atkins

Mother/Son dance: Perfect Fan-Backstreet Boys 

My angels dancing (they were also the ring bearers but honestly were wild and everywhere! hard to photograph)

We auctioned off our garter instead of a garter toss. My uncle bought it for $400 dollars!

My uncle after he bought it! 

Below is one of my favorite memories. As you know I am obsessed with Mumford and Sons..
Below is Scott and I dancing away to it. I have a short clip of it that I will have to try to get on here.... 

Doing the Wobble

Scott singing me his favorite band...Backstreet Boys... 

Overall it was a fun, beyond memorable night! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful Tuesday! I am off to rest as my cold is still trying to hang on! 

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