Monday, September 23, 2013

So.. I got married : )

So as stated in my post from yesterday that there have been so many changes in my life, that I am going to have to break them down, so today's post is about getting married, and tomorrow's will be too, because I just have too many cool photos to share with you! 

I married Mr. Muir on August 10th, in the mountains of Wyoming. It was a dream location, and a whirlwind day! We were surrounded by tons of family and friends and it was absolute perfection. 

location of our ceremony! 

I got ready with my ladies at my grandparents house in Laramie, Scott and his guys got ready at the hotel. They picked us up in a party bus, which was so great to have since we had a HUGE wedding party and we could all ride together! 

I made all the flowers and decorations for our big day. We went with a vintage theme, highlighting the 1920's-40's. I ordered a custom garter with Wyoming colors, and went to a local store, found earrings with the Wyoming Steamboat horse on it, and sewed them on. The girls wore Tom's and the boys wore Converse. I let my ladies pick their own dresses as long as they were mint green and shorter. Scott and I both decided we didn't like the tuxes so we went again with the vintage look, and he loves bowties so we were able to find mint plaid (plaid is his fav) for them! 

First look: 

(I was shaking so bad)

Playing Mumford and Sons of course! 

Pre-Ceremony pictures:

(one of my favorites)

Scott's favorite

My amazing ladies

My mom, dad, and sisters

My dad and stepmom, and sister

My pop-e. <3 enough said. 

Scott's family 

My sweet sisters and cousins who I consider my siblings.

Mr. and Mrs. Muir

Here are some after the wedding, more to come tomorrow: 

haha love.

our wedding party rocks! 

my handsome husband.

I can't wait to share more with you!!! 
hope everyone had a great Monday, I was home with a cold (boo)

Also a shout out to Alison! Happy Birthday to you sweet girl! much love! 



  1. Such amazing photos!!! LOVE all the details, you did such a good job. I adore the theme!!

  2. Love all the pics!! Looks like the day really came together, love the details, the guys socks and the girls dresses!! Congrats MRS!!