Monday, September 30, 2013

Mingle and Weekend

Hello everyone! 
I am hoping everyone had a great weekend! 

Friday: a super busy day at work. Even though we didn't have our normal students, we did have toddler group for an hour, and then prepping for the whole week, observation logs, and cleaning. I was burnt out by the time work was finished. 

Scott and I met up after went to the bank and FINALLY combined our bank accounts. Still some getting used to having a new last name and all. Then we had a quick lunch. He had a football game that night, and so he had to be at the stadium early. It was FREEZING FRIDAY. I mean almost zero. So my cousin, her boyfriend, and I dressed in our warm gear and headed to the game. I wish I could say it was worth sitting in the horrible weather, including SNOW which I am not ready for, but we lost bad, and to say the least Mr. Muir was not happy. 

We were a tad bit cold.

Saturday: Well Sunday is actually the twins birthday, but we celebrated on Saturday so that everyone could come. Let me tell you, the boys made out. I can't even begin to tell you how much new stuff they got. They are two pretty cute, spoiled 3 year olds! 

Scott and I got them tractors, hats, and backpacks

These are the hats we got them, the arms move! 

That night I just relaxed and saw my family and Scott saw a friend who came to town. 

Sunday: We had breakfast with the family, and then went to the house. My aunt came over to help, and my sweet 87 year old pop-e even helped! We didn't end moving in all the way, but we still have some more painting to do anyways! 

The rest of the day was spent just getting ready for the week! 

Overall a great weekend! 

The Mingle Question: If you had a random day off, what would I do?
At this moment, I would paint my house, so we could move in sooner : ) 

Join Meg, and mingle! 

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