Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Monday!

Hello Happy MLK DAY and a day off for me! 

I am loving this long weekend, even though I didn't get barely anything I wanted accomplished! 

Friday: I got off an hour early from work, so I was excited and got to go workout early. I got 5.5 miles done on the elliptical, abs, and weights. The low point of my workout was seeing a guy doing squats and his leopard underwear were showing...haha...I had a hard time holding myself low point hearing a guy try to pep talk himself to do his reps. (then he didn't even finish them) but I was so happy to get my workout done early! Scott and I ended up and watching the boys basketball game, which we won so that was nice. The rest of the night was relaxing.

Saturday: I went to a special Saturday spinning class they had. I wore my new shirt I got for Christmas, loved it. Kept me motivated. 

After my workout I got a nice surprise that my pop-e was coming for the rest of the weekend. Scott left for Denver to go watch the playoff game so it was nice to have company. I finally got to watch my cousin Carson play and she even got in the varsity game! 

I ended up staying the night with my family since Scott was out of town. So nice to hang out with them.

Sunday: LAZY. that was my word yesterday. I did nothing but watch football and sleep. The twins stopped by and that was nice. Milli got to play with my aunt's boxers. I think she wore them both out! 

Last night I finally told myself I needed to do at least one thing productive, so I gave Milli a shower. Thank goodness because she smells much better haha! 

Today: I went to breakfast with my pop-e, aunt, and cousin. We then went shopping (if you can call it that) at a little store we have. They came over and helped try to pick out some paint colors for some more rooms in the house... and now I need to go to the grocery store to get some food since we seem to have nothing. 
I am honestly just enjoying having the day off!!! 

I hope you have had a wonderful day and weekend! 

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