Sunday, May 1, 2011

Getting to Know You

Happy May Day to all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and blessed Sunday! I spring cleaned all day! I am exhausted, and can't believe I finished just before 9 o'clock at night.

Well anyways I saw a new link to try. Its Keely's Getting to Know You! It had to do with the Royal Wedding. (Yes I am still beyond obsessed with it. Go ahead and link up!

1. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

Well sadly, it was at 2 am my time, and I totally spaced out setting my alarm, but the first thing in the morning was turn on and watch all the coverage. I also even watched it during my first hour at school. This weekend I went to and watched the whole wedding, and several other videos. Yes I am completely obsessed.

2. Tea and crumpets or coffee and a scone?

Mmm....both sound good, but I have a bigger tea drinker lately.

3. Who's cuter Prince William or Prince Harry?

Well I used to have a huge crush on Prince William, and do think he is still good looking, but lately I think he is starting to take on too much of his father's looks. I do think Prince Harry is starting to come up and turn into quite the cutie. (I'll be his princess-sshhh don't tell Scott)

4. Can you speak in an English accent?

I have my moments. Sometimes its decent, other times its awful. I would love to be able to have a good English accent.

5. Do you own a fancy hat?

Ok, no I don't and I want one SO bad. I actually just even put my facebook status as I want a fascinator hat. (yes I looked up what they are called) Maybe I can get the sweetheart to buy me one! I love all the fun hats from the Royal Wedding.

6. Would you rather live in a castle or an english cottage?

Oh, I would have to say both. They both would be so neat to experience!

7. How old were you when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married? Were you even born?

No I wasn't born yet. But I have seen a lot of footage and pictures. She was so beautiful.

8. Have you found your prince?

I told you I was going to find Prince Harry, haha just kidding. Yes I have found my prince. We have not had our royal wedding yet, but hopefully someday! :)

Happy Sunday!

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