Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kae's mind for a day

good evening to my sweet bloggers. so today was a day that started in utter chaos. The lady who is in charge of finding subs and letting them know never told me she had wrote me down as a sub today. Well I had made plans to leave town because I thought I was done subbing and I was going to go see Scott, well I woke up to my sister saying, "Kae-kae, dad says you are supposed to be subbing for the next two days!" I literally almost fell out of bed, threw on some clothes, and got to the school. I was very upset, but was trying not to take it out on anyone. The lady had made a mistake and not called which I wasn't mad at her, just not the best morning person.

As the afternoon went on....I had a kid hit another kid on person in the face with a ball.

Junior high kids broke about 5 rules before the tardy bell rang, so they got to do some good old physical education for their class hour.

I came home and literally got my sweats on in record time. Curled up on the couch with my momma, and watched massive amounts of Grey's Anatomy in anticipation for tonight's season finale.

8 o'clock finally came, Grey's is on, oh how good it was, but of course leaves you hanging, and I do have to say I hope Derek doesn't leave.

So this was my mind all day bam. bam. bam. bam. I felt like a pinball being shot around. It rained all day too, I think its currently still raining. I don't mind the rain though.

So I didn't want to depress you with my first half of my blog, so I thought I would end on a positive note. This weekend I plan on doing some packing to move to my summer job (boo), I am sad about leaving my comfort zone, but Pirates comes out, my mom is lounging with me all weekend, and I am just going to enjoy life!

I hope I didn't depress anyone, but had to share my chaotic day! AHHH! Happy Thursday! I hope your day's weren't so crazy! :)


  1. This definitely wasn't depressing! I think that blogging is therapy so you have to be honest so you feel better :) I'm glad your day got better when you got home. Sorry your out of town plans got cancelled, but hey...that's just more money for you!! I hope tomorrow is a little less chaotic for you :)

  2. Thanks hun that means a lot! I hope so too! :)

  3. I am your newest follower!! Love your blog!! I love the song selections you have going... all of them on my iPod!!

    Have a great weekend!!