Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Hey everyone its Wednesday! I am linking up with Jamie. I do have a quick note I want to write to all that follow my blog, I am slacking on commenting on your blogs because it wont let me! Everytime I go to post a comment it tells me to sign in, and I sign in and it still wont let me! If anyone knows how to help me, please comment and let me know! I want to be able to comment on your blogs and its driving me crazy!!!! 

I'm loving the twins. My cousin who is more like a brother to me had twin boys back in September. Well my family is all together right now because we have another graduation, so I am snapping a ton of pictures. Here is what I got today! (ps. this is not helping with the baby fever haha)

I'm loving that 3 years ago on this Saturday I met the love of my life. I met Scott at my cousin Colton (the twin's dad) graduation reception. Scott played football for my uncle during high school. Helped him win a state championship. So thats why he was there. I had heard of Scott over the years, but here this long haired, surfer looking boy was there. I kept being intrigued by him. Finally we ended up talking, and it is seriously all history from then on. So now my cousin Courtney is graduating, and the memories are flowing! Little did I know coming to my cousin's 3 years ago how one night could change my life.

I'm loving smores. I made some the other day, and I can't get enough. I am so glad it is summer and camping season...that means lots of smores!

I'm loving if anyone could help me figure out how to leave comments on your blogs! Its not letting me. Keeps saying I need to sign in, and I do, and it does it again! help!

Happy Wednesday! Sorry this is a short one but the twins have consumed my thoughts today! :)


  1. mmmmmm smores! yumm

  2. I adore smores! Good work on winning Leigh's giveaway! I had the same prob with comments, it will come back.

  3. You are loving some great things today! Hope that your Wednesday was fabulous!

  4. I had the same problem earlier today leaving comments!!! No clue what was going on.

    The twins are precious and those smores look delicious!!

  5. You are a LIFESAVER! I used Safari instead of Internet Explorer and now I can comment!

    Like I was trying to tell you yesterday when I realized I couldn't comment either....

    I always thought it would be awesome to have twins! They are adorable!

    I'm so happy for you and your boyfriend! That's such a sweet story about how the two of you met. It was obviously just meant to be :)

    Those smores look so delish! I can't even remember the last time I had a smore!