Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday! (Alison pictures for you)

hey-o! well as you know my birthday was on Friday so I thought I would catch you up on my weekend/birthday events. 

I got my hair colored by my aunt. Back to being really blonde and I love it.
I completely relaxed for the afternoon.
Scott told me to be ready at 6:30. 
I decided to wear my headband I won! Loved it! My favorite part of my outfit. 
Scott took me to dinner and a movie. We went and saw Bridesmaids.

My aunt made me my favorite lemon cake. 
My cousin got me beautiful flowers. 
I received money from my parents, pop-e, and aunt. 
Now for Scott's gift. I am super happy with it. I got a kindle. (still trying to figure it out) (check out the sweet wrapping job Scott did on my gift)

So that was my birthday. 
As for this Saturday I worked :( It was somewhat dead so the tips weren't the greatest. 
Sunday once again I worked. It was kinda crazy, and I was glad when it was over. 
After work last night I had Scott's mom help me with my kindle, and spent time with him.

I found out today that he has to leave tomorrow and will be gone all week across the state due to fire/cutting projects. So I will be somewhat lonesome. 

So, on last Wednesday I wore my other clip that I won, and I promised I would post pictures so here is the other! I absolutely love them! 

Anyways I hope you all had a good weekend. :) 


  1. OMG they look bautiful on you! Stunning! Beautiful pic of you & Scott and pup! I love the picures. Yay for a kindle, so fun. Glad you had a god birthday. Thanks for posting the photos! :) You rock.

  2. awe i love the wrapping job scott did!!

  3. Love the hair color! Precious hair jewelry!