Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm loving that I rode my bike today! Its fixed. YAY!

I'm loving that I got to spend the day with the twins! 

This is my feet with their's. Love it..maybe I'll add it to my page since its about feet! 

I love the angle of this picture of Tysen looking at his brother Treyce

I'm loving the Kings of Leon cd Come Around Sundown! I have had in my truck for a week and listen to it nonstop! 

I'm loving that Scott and I and his family had a great weekend away! Wish it would have been longer! 

I'm loving that I registered for classes last week, and Scott and I have made a decision...I will reveal soon to you all! I am pretty excited about it! 

I'm loving all you lovely followers. You make my day when I get comments and emails from you! 

I'm loving my new layout and new blog picture of Dallas's paws and my feet! 

I'm loving Dallas and Scott! They make things so much easier and make me so happy! I am one lucky girl! 

Happy Wednesday! Link up with Jamie! 


  1. Love the new layout and header so cute. Your hair is awesome in that pic with the twins!

  2. Your family is GORGEOUS! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!