Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm loving! I'M BACK!!!

hey everyone! I'm finally home from Jacksonville, Florida! 
I was in a wedding down there. Got home last night and even had to work, so I thought today would be perfect to show you all my pictures! I missed you all by the way! 

I'm loving that I got to celebrate my friend Leah's big day in Florida! Lots of pictures below! We went to the beach and I even saw a dolphin while I was body surfing! 

It was her Uncle Jim's birthday so we took a picture with him! He was way excited!

Obviously we had a fun time! 

I'm loving that I lost my camera while down there and actually found it! I did get a new one because it was time and I'm loving that too!

I'm loving that I have tell Sunday and I am done with work! Whoop! 

I'm loving that I will reveal my new secret to you! Scott and I got an apartment together so next week I will be packing and moving early to set it up! I am one excited and nervous girl! We even bought a new tv yesterday! 

I'm loving that tomorrow I get to see Scott I haven't seen him since the Monday before I left and he is gone for work! 

I'm loving that I bought a copy of Soul Surfer yesterday and the rest of the Grey's Anatomy seasons! 

I'm loving being back to the blogging world! You ladies have become such good friends! 

Happy Wednesday! 

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