Friday, October 28, 2011

FRIDAY! I made it!

Yay! I made it through a week that was tough!
I survived 3 tests, including Chemistry! and I 
also had to train in the morning this week so I was up extremely early!
But I made it! 

I also just got good news.
I was checking my email before heading to class.
Chem was cancelled today! 
Only one class today! 

So I got a new pic of the twins yesterday!

yep. absolutely precious. its my background on my phone!

I am super happy that Alison got her present I sent her :) 
So glad to make blogging friends that turn into friends!!!

I also heard a new song I'm loving !

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and Halloween weekend :) 

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  1. YAY for Friday. So cute of the twins and YES for a cancelled class! ha. Thanks again!