Thursday, January 26, 2012


So I saw this over at Katie's blog. 
She picked a word for 2012.


In the past, I have a tendency to thinking negatively. I would disguise my negativity as oh, I'm just prepared for the worst. I think at times it set me up for failure or kept me in a negative mind set.

So my goal for this year is staying positive!

I want to stay positive about getting a teaching job!

I am going to be POSITIVE about my relationships.
Not just with Scott, but family, friends, etc. 

I am going to be POSITIVE about my body, and working out.
I need to remember that change takes time, and that getting older my body won't look like it did when I was 17.

Overall I want to be POSITIVE

What is your word???

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Positive is a great word!! thanks for playing along :)

    and good luck! you can do it!

  2. Good choice of word! I'm with ya on that!!