Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ugh Day!

So I had one of those days...
I had 8 o'clock class....my alarm went off at 7:59.
Missed that class! 

On my way to my 9:30 class, a guy almost ran into me due to the snow....
got to class...spilled my coffee all over my binder with all my notes. 

The college also informed me that they forgot to charge me for a class. The bill is $900.

So at this point I wanted to cry.
Then I saw this....

It made me feel a lot better, and I know tomorrow is a new day. 

I hope you all had a better Tuesday then me! 

PS. Your sweet comments have made my days!!!! :) 


  1. What a cool photo quote at the end. It's so true. just because you have a bad day doesn't mean you have a bad life. I wish more realized that!

  2. Tomorrow will be a better day! Promise!