Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend recap!

I would like you to see the theme of this weekend:

Yes. I did nothing but rest. 

I had to train on Saturday for about 5 hours, but other than that.
Milli and I slept and watched MASSIVE amounts of Friends this weekend. 

PS. Let it be known that Girl Scout Cookies = THE DEVIL
So much for me losing weight before Vegas :/

Only 4 Days tell Vegas!!!! 

So that was my weekend! 
Lame I know, but I enjoyed it!

How was everyone's weekend???


  1. so jealous of your vegas trip!

  2. Is that your boxer!? I love boxers... my boyfriend's family has two brindles... they're so much fun!
    Jealous of your vacay to Vegas. It's only my favorite place EVER :) ♥

  3. I would LOVE to get to have a weekend of rest!! Maybe this weekend?? Hope you have a blast in Vegas!