Monday, February 27, 2012

Recap of the Weekend

First off I had a wonderful weekend!

Once I was done with class, the sun decided to peek out for a little bit, so my love and I decided to take Milli to the dog park. We only got to be there for about 20 minutes before it decided to start snowing, but it was so much fun!!!
Also my love stopped and got me coffee before we went, I am a lucky girl! 

Raspberry mocha= yummy 

She took me out after this picture

After the dog park, I wanted to attempt to make a chalkboard like Jessica over at Little Baby Garvin
So Scott and I went to our Salvation luck, he was a sweetie and drove me 40 minutes to Rapid City, we went to Goodwill, no luck.
Luckily, we found something to use at Hobby Lobby, which may be one of my new favorite stores. 
Here is my first attempt at my chalkboard. 
(check out Jessica's-AMAZING)

My supplies

Scott picked out the paint for the frame

I bought paint tape so that it wouldn't get on the board

The pretty chalk I bought! 

The finished product. 
Hopefully it gets better 

So as I said last week, my sweet Scott is sick. 
Sadly he is still sick. Being diabetic he doesn't recover quite as quickly.
So I let him sleep in and I made him muffins. (yes I baked-WHOA)

He still took me to the Rush Hockey Game which was soooo much fun!
I truly could get into hockey!

On our way

A fight. One of my favorite parts 

It ended up going into overtime, no one scored so we got to see a shoot out!

And this picture is for Alison, I bet she can guess why! :) 

Scott and I both slept in. 
His friend from football stopped in because he is moving to Canada, so we went out to lunch with him.

After lunch we were lazy. Watched a movie. Attempted to do homework and job applications.
Watched the Oscar's. I wasn't super impressed this year. 
And I went to bed!

It was a very nice weekend!!!!!
I hope you all had a great one too! 

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  1. looks like a great weekend!!

    love that milli had a good time at the dog park!