Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vegas Recap!

Well I'm back to reality! Boo! 
I was happy to see Miss Milli, but seriously not happy about being home! 

We flew into Vegas around 11:00 am 
That day started with a little gambling, and seeing Scott's family. 
We decided that would be our date night, we at Samba, it was a Brazilian Steakhouse! YUM!
We then went to a club! I never had been so we went to The Beatles Revolution Lounge.
PS. I love the Beatles so it was awesome!

On the plane! 

So excited!

We flew over Hoover Dam

Scott's Mom and I gambling! 

Out side the Mirage (where we stayed)

At Samba's 

The Beatles Revolution Lounge 

Saturday: We had breakfast at the adorable coffee shop with amazing food and coffee.
Scott decided to make lots of sport's bets that day since there was so many games going on.
Scott's sister and I went to the Nike store...aka Heaven. I bought some new running shoes...love.
Scott and I went and saw the baby dolphins that were just born! ADORABLE!
We ended up going out with his sister and her husband that night and had soooo much fun! 

our new shoes! 

This dolphin was named Cosmo :) 

The two new babies! 


He sang to me! Totally entertaining! 

Our balloon hats were a big hit! 

This is my favorite show...seriously could watch it over and over!

Sunday: SPA DAY
Scott's mom and sister and I all had a spa day. Absolutely amazing! 
Check out the photos tour of the spa: http://www.mirage.com/spasalon/

By the time we got done we needed to get ready for the Super Bowl. 
We watched it a suite! Way awesome!

After the Super Bowl we went to the old downtown for dinner at an amazing place!
Really romantic and super good! 
Then called it a night! Scott and I had to leave for the airport by 4 in the morning boo :( 

Fremont Street

My yummy Alaskan King Crab legs! 

The amazing slide at the Golden Nugget! 
The slide goes through this tank-even sharks in there! 

Cool pool!

That was our trip in a nutshell! 
It was sooo amazing!!!

Happy Tuesday! 


  1. So fun. Oh how I love Vegas. The balloon hats were awesome! :) Glad you had so much fun. Oh and the spa sounds fab!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun! Especially the dolphin part! :)

  3. Ahhhhhh!! Looks like y'all had a BLAST! I love Vegas!! Loved the pics...thanks for sharing! You look GORGEOUS!