Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1 year. A tribute to my Grandma.

A year ago today, my grandma passed away.
It's hard for me to share, but she helped raise me along with my pop-e who I talk about a lot. 

My sweet grandma was an AMAZING woman. 
She was born August 13, 1926. 
She was one of 7 children. She grew up in a rough environment, with a very abusive father.
But when she was 16 it all changed. She met my pop-e.
They fell in love, and eloped when my pop-e got back from WWII.

This is the day after they got married.

They had 5 daughters.
17 grandchildren.
22 great children and growing. 

They were married for 65 years. 

My grandma helped raise me when my mom was going to college.
She was more than a grandma to me. She was my best friend.
Her home is what I consider my home.
I love and miss her so much, and wish she was here, but I know that she is in a better place now.

Here are some photos of my amazing grandma.


  1. Such a sweet post Kae. I bet she was great and she'd be super proud of you. :) And love Milli of course!

  2. Aw this was sweet, and I'm sorry you had to lose her. My grandma was a big part of my life too, and I didn't get as much time with her as I wanted to.

    My grandfather was in WWII also in the Navy.