Monday, March 26, 2012

Interview Update/Weekend Recap.

I am back from my long journey!

I am sad to report I didn't get the job, but I think it may be a blessing in disguise. 
I drove a total of 20 hours, 10 hours there and 10 hours back.
My interview was a short 20 minutes. 

After all that, I got an email, yes an email to say that I came in a close second.
I am not very happy about how I found out, to me that is not very professional.
So deep down I am just reminding myself that GOD has a better place for me to be!

So I did get to see a lot of my family on my trip!
I got to see the twins, who are starting to talk.
They say: thank you, water, daddy, and everything I mean everything is labeled baby to them! So cute!

I also got to see my mom and dad, pop-e, two of my aunts, and some cousins.
Good times!!!

So Saturday I drove back to Spearfish, and was very happy to see my love, and miss Milli.
She has kinda been a tear lately!
She ate my woodwick candle, and was sick, and I mean sick all over my living room right before I left.
She proceeded to get sick the whole weekend with Scott taking care of her.
Now she is back to normal, but sadly we have to put her in her kennel now when we leave since she has decided everything is "okay" to eat.

Since my email came yesterday morning on a Sunday....still makes me so mad (sorry for the vent)
Scott took me on a date to "The Hunger Games"

I was not disappointed! 
So  good, and I thought they stuck to the book pretty dang good!

My sweet love and I on our way to the movies! 

I hope everyone has a great Monday! 

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  1. That a girl, keep thinking positive. :) The twins are getting so big and are so cute. Can't wait to see that movie!!