Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend!

Hello everyone!

I am back from a nice Easter weekend!

We spent the Easter at pop-e's house, so nice to see family! 

Milli on the drive!

Milli got lots of treats for Easter!

My egg for Milli

Yes, my mommy still makes us baskets!

Everyone for Easter breakfast!

I also may have beyond spoiled myself.... I bought an iPad...

I wore myself out playing with it....so I took a nap and had a great foot warmer

I also got a great picture of my god daughter on Easter! 

Later that day we went out to my aunt's house, and she found her old prom dresses.
I tried on her prom dress from her senior year in 1968! 

Overall it was a good weekend, but I am happy to be in my own space again!!!

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  1. Looks super fun. I missed doing eggs this year. :( Next year. Happy Wednesday.