Thursday, April 12, 2012

Frustrations and Motivation?!

So as you know, I have been working out and dieting trying to lose some weight.

First of my frustration:
I have only lost 1 lb.


I am watching what I eat, how much I eat, and so hopefully this pays off soon.


So I decided maybe my Jillian's workouts aren't enough.
I am back to running.

I was a distance runner in high school, and continued after.
As I have aged, my athletic years have started to catch up with me...but I am trying to power through!!!

I ran today, and I am hurting, but I am going to keep it up!
I saw this, and it made me happy!

So now, I ask you...any motivational things????
Videos...words of wisdom? I am sucker for these, and for me they actually work, because I repeat them when I dying in my workout! 


  1. Hello, I HEAR ya loud and clear sister! It was SO frustrating to eat clean 95% of the time & bust my tail training for 2 marathons....and not lose a single POUND!!!

    I'm SO glad I did the 24 day challenge!!! You have GOT to contact me when you're ready to try it....

    Although I will tell ya, they have a whole trim line that's PHENOMENAL! Some of the other products are a lot cheaper than challenge, and they work GREAT too! (although I still recommend doing the challenge at some point!)

    E-mail me're going to LOVE this stuff!!!!

    Have a great weekend. And HANG in there! :)

  2. my motivation comes & goes... but I make sure I'm never forcing myself. If I'm miserable, then I don't do well. I just focus on consistency & persistence. Also, cutting out carbs, alcohol & dairy with a little bit of exercise seems to be what works best for me. good luck!!

    hope you had a great weekend :)

    {I have a giveaway going on right now. Love for you to enter!}