Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some love...

Time for some love...

loving that next week is finals....almost summer time!!!!

loving that Milli got to go to the lake for the first time....She leaped in herself, ended up scaring herself, so she got thrown in a couple times to make sure she learned to swim...this is the most video I could get..

loving this picture of her sunbathing after her day at the lake

loving that my baby sister had her first prom this past weekend!
I wish I could have been there for her, but I will next year!
My parents also chaperoned so they looked super awesome!
I want my mom's dress!

lastly loving these quotes

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh Milli is so cute, she will learn to love the water!! And your sissy looks great! And parents too!

  2. I love the last quote, and your sister looks beautiful. :)