Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ah ha moment!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

So I am doing a late post today. I was flat out exhausted this morning, so here I am...

I hope everyone's day went great.
Mine wasn't so bad, even though I came home and M had an accident...Let me say this..not having a washer and dryer and trying to hand wash bedding...not on the top favorites to do...

Anyways...while I went away this weekend I had an "ah ha" moment...
Do you get those??

Here's mine:
I finally started to realize where I might want to end up in my life.
As I was driving toward Spearfish, and neared the b-e-a-utiful black hills, I felt at home.
I got the feeling I get when we all go home to Laramie for every holiday...

As I sat at the dog park and had a bagel and a raspberry mocha...I decided that it's time to act on it.
I know that I have a job and that is GREAT, but at least I feel like I somewhat know what I want!!

So in ending the Tuesday..what are your "ah ha" moments?

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