Saturday, August 18, 2012

Help...from you sweet blog friends...

Hello to all my sweet blog friends. I need YOUR help.
I am starting my first teaching job. I am a bit overwhelmed to say the least. I have been in inservice all last week, along with 2 a day practices for volleyball.

Now here is where you come in. 
I am honestly feeling depressed about my weight. 
Everyone looks at me when I say this and says I am crazy, but here is the deal. I have never weighed over 111 pounds in my life tell this past year. 
I am now at 123 pounds.
I can't fit into clothes I wore last year, and in general it is seriously starting to affect my attitude and demeanor about myself. I don't feel good, and I am constantly self conscious.
I am considering some help with products, but once again right now I can't do it until I get my first pay check. we go..I need your help. How do I get motivated. How do I lose this weight that has become not only physical but mental?

I want to work out, but I get depressed because I am so out of shape and don't see results do I stay motivated? (these sound like common sense questions) but maybe with your inspiring words it will keep me going! So how do I juggle being a new teacher, coach, mommy to Milli, and still lose weight????

I am SOOOOOOO OPEN to any of your suggestions or ideas! 
Thank you for letting me vent. Some of that was not easy for me to admit or actually say out loud.

I truly would love your help....
I want to start to feel good again..

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  1. Honestly, my best piece of advice is get into the routine of working out and it sticks. I come home from work, walk
    Cruz and then do my workout in the basement. Then you have the rest of the night. You will soon look forward to it. :) promise!! And switch up your workout!! Helps too.