Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My weekend..

Happy Tuesday, gosh that feels good to know that we only have a 4 day week.

I had an absolutely great weekend, and of course had a lot of tears yesterday when I had to come back...

My weekend started with Saturday have a volleyball triangular for the freshman...
WE WON the whole thing!! It was very exciting, and nerve wrecking for me as the coach.
We actually play again tonight already, so wish me luck!

Then after getting back from the tri I loaded up and drove up to Spearfish...
Beautiful day out...got up there around 6, so I showered and then Scott said we needed a night out...
WARNING: we took a ton of pics...so just a fair warning 

We had a great night, and it was so nice to spend time with him!!! Love my man!

Sunday, we slept in...LOVED IT...
Then decided to drive over to Rapid City and go to Pirate's Cove, a mini golf course!
Way fun!

Ps. I only lost by 2, but I also got 2, I said 2 hole in one's!

After Pirate's Cove we went out to dinner, and then decided to have a movie night. 
We watched: 

Both were really good!!!

Yesterday, sadly we had practice so I had to leave a lot earlier then expected...Scott took me out for a quick lunch and then I hit the road...

All in all in was a fabulous weekend. Of course makes me want to be there even more...but I gotta be strong through this year! 
Hope your long weekends were great!

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