Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Tuesday! only 4 school days counting today left tell Christmas Break!!!

I am one excited girl! 

This weekend I drove up to Spearfish to help Scott study for his Praxis II.
This is a big test he has to take, and then University doesn't let you student teach until you pass it (no pressure there eh) So he was extremely nervous.

His mom and I both drove up, and helped him study all weekend....SERIOUSLY
ALL WEEKEND! I think I know more history then I ever wanted to know!!! 

So sorry for the lack of pictures, but I was busy studying, and making note cards, quizzing Mr. Muir...

But here is the good news... HE PASSED :) 

So I wish you all a happy day!!!

And this is how I will fell Friday, and I am sure Mr. Muir feels this way now

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  1. Good work Scott!! YAY for it almost being break time!!!