Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm back! (wedding dress)

wow. I feel like I haven't been gone from blogging forever!

But I am back, and so excited to share with you a sneak peak of my WEDDING DRESS! 
EEK! I got it this past weekend. My mom, dad, sisters, pop-e, and Scott's mom and grandma came dress shopping with me. It was great, and I am so glad I did it! 
I had looked up dresses online, and wrote down numbers, but seriously every single one of them I hated on! 
My sister Dylainee begged me to try on this one..and it was...THE ONE. I also got the veil/fascinator with it! 
I got it for a great deal too! I did really good the whole appointment, and then I got a pop-e bought my dress. It was his wedding gift. I started bawling. I was a little emotional already since I of course I wish my grandma could have been there... It was amazing...

So here it comes. The only reason I can share it on here is because Scott has never looked at my blog, unless I show him myself. So I think my secret is safe with you guys! 
First I will show you my trying on process...and then at the end...... THE DRESS!

I love this one, but for some reason it didn't grab me....

Love the back of this one below, it was amazing!!! The front was AWFUL. Even the consultant said she thought the same thing!

This one below was runner up

And finally....the DRESS

(EEKkk I need to work out, arms and double chin!) They make you ring a bell when you chose your dress, I got sooooo red!

Now its time to sweat for the dress! 

So other then dress shopping, my spring break was spent at a teacher fair, where I signed up for 6 interviews. So please keep your fingers crossed that one of them is my new job! 

Yesterday I drove back in a very windy I must say trip, and M was the only one to celebrate Irish day as I was pouting that my break was over! 

Well I am happy to be back, and I hope you love my dress! PS DON'T FORGET ITS A SECRET! 


  1. I'm so flippin' excited for you!!! It's beautiful!!! Can't wait!!

  2. Love the dress!!! Do a yeast cleanse - it got rid of my double chin!! Lol it's really hard though!! So glad you had an awesome dress shopping experience!! I remember the feeling of finding the "one"! It wasn't anything like I had pictured myself wearing but when I put it on I just knew!!