Monday, April 15, 2013


Why hello there...
My weekend was extremely low key and nice. I went home and spent time with my family....always great to see family. 

Now onto the news...well Scott and I were pretty sure that we were going to find out whether he got the teaching job today. So like the worrier I am I carried my phone in my pocket and looked at it about 100 times! Well during my 6th hour class that was luckily watching a movie today, Mr. Muir called. My stomach did about 100 flips by the way. I ran out into the hallway...and he started with, " I didn't get the job." I proceeded to almost throw up in the hallway. and then he continued with "Just kidding, I got the job!" (Still trying to fight my bodily urges) So we are moving to Rawlins, Wyoming. Which I am super happy about. It's so comforting knowing that we have a steady job, insurance, and know where we are moving. I am struggling a little bit because there is no positions in my field in Rawlins, so I am feeling like somewhat of a failure because I want to contribute to the marriage... eek. 

It will be great though. I have lived there before as you know. It is where Scott was born and raised. My mom's twin lives there. The TWINS live there! I am only 1 hour and 15 minutes from pop-e. I am further from my mom which makes me sad, but Wyoming is home for her too, so we will still see a lot of each other still. So BIG NEWS for us today! I am very happy!

Pretty proud of my man.