Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer= BUSY

Hello there, I promise to become a better blogger once I am done with teaching in Alliance! 
I got good news last week: a pe job has opened in Rawlins (where Scott got his job) and my crap apartment is going to be rented so I don't have to pay rent on it after I move! More money to put towards the wedding!

The catch to the job: the want adapted pe endorsement. I don't have this because most universities and colleges don't even offer it. Luckily the University of Wyoming does. Enter stress. I am now enrolled in two classes to finish the endorsement. One of the classes finishes the day before my wedding haha! SO enter you guys now...PRAY, fingers crossed, anything to help me hopefully get this job! 

I hate the fact that I am not able to blog much, between teaching, tennis, and now starting to pack to move I am over the top busy! 

Good news! I get to see my fiance finally this weekend! HE IS FINALLY GRADUATING! 

So please send up some prayers! I would love to have a job also! 

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