Monday, December 16, 2013

Holy Monday....Mingle...and Weekend

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope your day's have been great and not the "typical" Monday!
I am going to start with my weekend rewind....
Friday: Friday was a nice day. Work was done by one. I got some errands done, and Scott's Christmas party for work was that night. It was an Ugly Sweater theme. My uncle has this great sweater that he let Scott wear, and Scott's mom had one from high school that she let me borrow. She also still had her boots from 1970 that I wore! They def completed the outfit!
It was a great time, and much needed with my husband, but since we don't go out much, we were still home by 11!

Saturday: I made breakfast for both Scott and I, and then got super excited because pop-e was on his way to our house. He was our first guest! Milli couldn't barely contain herself!
We relaxed with him, and my aunt came over. We ended up all helping baby sit the twins because their dad had his Christmas party. It was a good time! I hadn't got to see them in a while!
As you can see below they now love making faces!

I am super excited because they will be coming to Christmas in Laramie with the rest of us!
Pop-e tried out my aunt's beats and I couldn't resist taking a picture!
Sunday: We all slept in since we stayed up later talking. Pop-e def got a wake up call from his buddy.

She knew right where he was and snuggled right in.
We enjoyed breakfast, but then pop-e had to head back home. I was sad, but also knew that I would be seeing him this coming weekend for the holidays! The rest of the day my cousin Courtney stayed at our house and I literally had my arm on her belly all day. I felt baby boy kick, and move. I talked to him, played him music... Loved every minute of it.
Milli even got in on the action!
It was such a nice day. She is so much like me and it's great to just talk with her!
The weekend was awesome.
Monday: Oh helllo..... I woke up with a sore throat, but told myself no worries, this is the last week of school. Suck it up. Well I had shown up to school, and let's just say there was a ton of situations that happened that caused for a very stressful. I had a rough day. I continued to keep feeling sick. I finally got done with school, ran to the store and was so happy to be finally home after my day..and I walked in to this...
I was not happy about the two stuffed objects she tore up, but the ink is the bad part. That was our new rug for our living room. Blue ink. I am still trying to get it out. She is still in a bit of trouble.
After cleaning up Scott tried to help since he knew my day was awful, and cleaned up some stuff in the mud room. Lost his wedding ring....After us desperately looking for it. I found it wrapped in a tarp in the garage he had folded up. THANK GOD.
But through it all, even though I am still upset about a few things that have happened, I know that there is a reason for everything. Today I think it was to help me realize how much my husband and I need each other. He had a rough day as well, and through it we just hugged, and got through it. So nice to know I have married my best friend.
Soooo I'm linking up for Mingle.
Meg's question for monday was:
What are your favorite holiday traditions?
I have so many!
1. We always get to open on gift on Christmas Eve. It's always a nice, new pair of pj's to sleep in. (My grandma started this tradition with my mom and her sisters)
2. We always go bowling/ice skating for my sister's birthday which falls on Christmas Eve.
3. We open gifts on Christmas Day, go to my aunts for brunch, and usually never change out of the pj's
4. Dinner on Christmas eve.
5. We still do Santa gifts.
I just love the holidays.


  1. Oh Millie.... Lol! Santa is watching! That is what I had to remind my dogs when I first hurt my ankle and they tore up the garbage I had beside the couch when we went back to the hospital! Stinkers! She probably gave you the "I'm in trouble" dog shaming look while wagging her tail? Lol

    Those sweaters are pretty classics!! Glad you had a fun weekend!!

  2. I love your outfits!!! Oh Milli. That is a Cruz move silly girl!

  3. Oh my goodness lol my husband and I are totally ready to call it a night and be in bed by 11PM!! #oldballs ;) xoxo