Monday, February 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Alright so I found this 30 Day Challenge, I figure it might be fun for me to try, and give me something to blog about! I like having something to look I guess here it goes!

Day 1-Picture of me and 15 facts about me!

15 Facts:
1. I have a mouth that could rival most sailors.
2. I love my green eyes.
3. I love that I am Gemini
4. I love my family and friends and would go to the end for them
5. I was in a really bad rollover
6. I have always wanted to live abroad.
7. I bite my nails...BAD
8. I know what I have to do...but I always have to do it when I AM READY
9. I love sports. If I could coach for the rest of my life I would
10. I'm a college graduate.
11. I have a god daughter. She is an angel.
12. Vegas is my favorite city (as of right now)
13. I hate shopping and the color pink.
14. I have a hoodie obsession.
15. I love the smell of flowers.

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