Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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I'm loving the Kentucky Derby! I watched "Secretariat" the other night with my family (I also saw it in the theater), but it made me think of the Kentucky Derby. Last year my sisters and I sat down and watched the entire coverage of the derby, and it really spiked my interest. Every time I see something with the derby in it, it resparks that interest, so I looked up derby tickets, and they actually are not as much as I thought they would be, so I think my next adventure is the derby! Big hats and mint juleps are gonna happen!
Oh and I'm loving the "Girls Next Door" (The one with Holly, Bridget, and Kendra) and they happened to go the derby so.. :)

I'm loving Disneyland! My family always takes trips to Disneyland, but it never gets old...we went this last summer, and I was the first one in line constantly to get my picture taken with the characters. I have been looking at those photos a lot, and can't get enough of it! I love love the feeling of being young again. "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."-Walt Disney

I'm loving that Valentine's Day is coming up. Even though I'm not very romantic, I absolutely love the smell of flowers, candy, and seeing so many people so happy on this day!

And lastly I'm loving boxer puppies. I have always wanted one, and my parents always said after I graduated and got settled I get one..well the graduation part has happened...being settled..not so much..but I'm still loving them big time!

Well Happy Hump Day to all! Hope you are loving your Wednesday! :)


  1. I went to U of Louisville right by where the Derby is held! You should absolutely make the trip to it! It's SO much fun and plus you get to prick out such pretty outfits! :)

  2. I love boxers too! My parents have 2...I can't wait to have a home of my own and 2 of my own boxers running around!

  3. I really enjoyed all of your pictures! but... who is that douche in the family picture at Disneyland? He doesn't belong..

  4. You are loving some great things :)

  5. oh, puppies are so cute! I don't understand how some people don't like dogs!