Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can't get enough of....

Lately there has been somethings that I just seem to not be able to live without...those things that make you feel safe, comfy, just pure bliss to your soul. Corny you may say, but I know those of you who actually read this all have those things too!

1. Soft sheets-not just the sheets that you buy that are soft, mine are sheets I have owned for probably a good 5 years, and its so nice to wake up in the morning-rub my feet up and down and they are so amazingly wonderful on my feet. Pure perfection.
2. My wonderful fan. I know this sounds crazy since there is artic weather right outside, but my room is like a sauna for some reason, and I love my fan that I place next to my bed before I go to sleep. It is soft and quiet, and pretty much sings me to sleep every night. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

3. TV shows-I have always had certain shows I follow, and then proceed to buy on dvd, but lately when I lay in bed at night the only thing I want to watch is tv shows: "Friends", "Grey's Anatomy", "Sex and the City"...the list goes on. I love watching them over and over again, and love to say that most of them can still make me angry, happy, cry, or laugh.

4. Classic romances...when I say classic I'm talking about the romances that you idolize growing up, and books are written about. I guess it seemed like things were literally so black and white, you love me you dont love me, you are crazy about me..or not..and when they were crazy about each other...it was head over heels love. My favorite romance right now is Lauren Bacall and Humphery Bogart.

Well anyways thats what I can't get enough of lately..What can you not get enough of..I would love to know :)

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