Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rain.....(Feel good stuff)

oh hello to my sweet blogging friends. I'm blogging somewhat late on this fine rainy evening. So I love the sunshine, but I'm ont going to lie, I love love love the rain. And boy is it coming down right now. Even though about a year ago I was driving to my mom's at night, and the flooding was out of control, and I ended up hydroplaning, and rolled my car 5 times, so maybe I should be more specific...I love love the rain...just not driving in it!  I wish I could have got a picture, I tried but its too dark out. (which makes me sad because I love love dark clouds) So I was thinking to myself as I laid down...listening to the rain...I love makes me feel good. So I decided I wonder what others "feel good stuff" is? So to my sweet bloggers, that is the question I pose to you....What makes you feel good ?

My feets in the rain

 Happy Rainy Nights! Good night my sweet bloggers!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my post! Glad to find someone that loves Grey's too :) AND good music!

    I'm loving this post! I actually have been HATING rain lately. Just because i love and need sunshine so much. BUT your post actually reminded me the things i do love about rain. i needed that for an attitude change! ha ha. lovin that tattoo. i love to run barefoot in the rain. one of my favorite things!

    Banana Pancakes is my alarm in the mornings :)

  2. love these fun rain and dancing pictures/videos!! :)