Monday, May 16, 2011

miscellany monday!

word to the random! I am linking up this wonderful monday with carissa! go ahead and link up!

so first of all, I would love to apologize to my sweet followers. I was not ignoring you, I know I have been M.I.A. that last few days, but I had my sisters graduation, and I was busy cleaning, getting organized, and entertaining, so my blogging got neglected! apologies! (pictures of graduation will be posted soon)

I have this problem of whenever I get out of my truck, I will walk away, and always turn around to make sure I shut the door. weird. yes. I am. I don't know where this phobia came from, but I have done it since I started driving at 16, still goes on. do you have anything like this??? or am I the only weirdo? haha!

I decided to make a pack with myself to no longer "fake bake" aka use tanning beds, and to make sure that I always use sunscreen when outside! When I was only 15 I became a lifeguard, and I guarded for 7 years, not once did I use sunscreen, and even used baby oil to get darker (STUPID I KNOW). I also during the school year in high school and college would use the tanning beds. I don't know why its taken me tell I am almost 25 to get scared and realize how stupid I am being, but I bought some spray tan, and decided SAFE is the way to go. I pray that I am not too late, but I am going to be better to my body!

I love to dance. I suck at it, but I dont care. DANCE DANCE DANCE! Enough said.

My hair has been on the fritz lately. Hasn't actually grown in over a year. Any suggestions?

yes, this is a completely random post! I hope you enjoyed! so tell me, what is random about your monday? :) 

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  1. I'm trying to take better care of my skin and hope I'm not too late too! I used the tanning bed (a lot) to get dark with no tan lines for my wedding all the while feeling guilty and vowing that after the I do's I would never use the tanning bed again! So far so good :) I've been really wanting to try the mystic tan that a lot of tanning salons have...wonder if they're any good?