Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hey everyone! I am linking up for my favorite blog day! Link up with Jamie.

I'm loving the story of Bethany Hamilton. I read this story years ago about her in Sports Illustrated, I tried to find the article for you, but had no luck. I will keep trying, but anyways I was taken away that this story of a girl who was only 13 when she lost her arm during a shark attack. She was determined to surf again, and through her faith in GOD she did it. I went and saw her movie last night, Soul Surfer. Now I am not a fan of a couple of the actors that are in it, but it was an AMAZING STORY, and one as a coach I will defintely share with my athletes someday! I posted some links to her website. Check it out! She is awesome! (oh an the music in the movie is awesome)

I'm loving that my sister, Morgan is graduating from high school on Saturday. I am not going to lie, it is somewhat bittersweet to me, but I am so excited to see her future, and how much she will accomplish!

I'm loving that one of the seniors I have subbed for made me a new ceramic pot. He is an amazing artist, and I am super excited to have a new one to add to my collection!

I'm loving the material I found to make Scott's blanket for his birthday! I am not going to lie, I want to keep it now!

I'm loving that not only did my stepdad graduate with his Master's in Education this weekend (so proud) that I also got to see my bestie Miss Casey. It was great to catch up with her!

I'm loving lastly that I got to see Scott for a couple days, and my sweet family! I am so lucky to have them! :)

Happy Wednesday! Remember I do love followers so join up :) Have a blessed day!


  1. Love that surfer girl too! I want to see that movie..Great things to love!

  2. Lots of exciting things happening in your life! :)

  3. I love that pot!!!!

    You are loving some amazing things today! Hope you have had a great Wednesday!

  4. Great things you are loving! Esp that header photo of Cheesecake factory! ymmm!

    Hope you have a great Wed!

  5. Congrats to your sister! It was definitely bittersweet when my sister graduated.

    I am loving Bethany Hamilton too! My mom, sister, and I went to see Soul Surfer over Mother's Day weekend, and I loved it! I'm definitely going to have to read the book now :)

    Happy Hump Day! I hope you are having an amazing week!