Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Loving.... (momma's 50th bday)

hello! so I am really loving something special today! so link up with Jamie and tell me what you are loving.

I'm loving that today is my mom and Aunt tammy's 50th birthday! They are identical twins and so special to me! Love them dearly!

I'm loving that normally I have Wednesday and Thursday off, but I do have today off, but tomorrow I am working and I get Friday off. The reason I traded is because Scott comes home that day, and I will get the whole night with him! I am one happy girl! 

I'm loving Dallas. I can't get enough of her.

I'm loving laughing! It makes me feel so good, even if I am laughing at myself!

I'm loving my family, friends, and all my sweet followers! You guys are all great!

I'm loving my sweet man. 


  1. you and scott are too cute!

  2. How fun that you're mom is a twin! My husband's grandmother was a twin. Now that his grandmother has passed away it's really special to have her sister around since they were identical!

    Hope you mom and aunt had a terrific 50ith! My mom was a little depressed on hers :)