Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday-busy day! (and My friday)I

well its my Friday! Whoop! I get Wednesday and Thursday off! I'm very excited for these days off! 

So today has been some what eventful. I decided I am going to try to stay super busy while Scott is off on a b.l.m. prescribed burn. 

I woke up early, had an appt @ 9:00. I called my mom, and pop-e who decided to buy a new truck!! I am excited and nervous for him. This is the first big decision he has made since my grandma passed away, and she was usually the one who gave him the okay for everything, so I just hope he is happy, and knows my grandma would be. 

I then took my aunt's bike to get the tires filled, got my eyebrows waxed, and then started P90x. which owned me today, since I am out of shape, but it felt so good to start it!

I am now getting ready to shower and get ready for work, but on the positive side...2 days off...2 days off! 


  1. YAY to 2 days off! Enjoy! And keep at the p90x! Good work girl.

  2. way to go doing p90x...i admire you!